Welcome to the Super Star Organization.  This will be a fun and exciting year with many fantastic performances coming up.  Make sure to read our monthly newsletter thoroughly to keep up with performance schedules, costumes, extra rehearsals, deadlines and fund raisers. I love parents to be involved in their children’s interests.  You are most welcome to come and observe your child’s class every week if you so choose. Your child will have many opportunities to perform this season.  Parades and community Shows are at no charge to the participant. The competition in March and the Valentine Performance in Disney World and Half time shows will have charges.  Details will be in future Super Star Newsletters be sure to read them thoroughly so that you don’t miss any deadlines! Please note that it is my belief that the more your daughter performs, her confidence with in herself will grow rapidly.  However, all performances are voluntary only come to those events that suit your schedule.  You may attend all of them, half of them, or none at all.  It’s completely up to you. Only one costume will be necessary for all of these performances.  Please note that we will not even approach the costume issue until your daughter has been in the program for at least a month so that you can be confident that she will wish to stay in the program for the season, which lasts through May.   The girls will be wearing them for the holiday parades in December, therefore they will be ordered late October or early November.  The same costume is worn at every event from December to the following December. Cost of costumes will be announced in the monthly newsletter. Voluntary fund raisers will be offered to raise money for costumes and the Disney performance.  The Super Stars will not hold classes on Broward County School Board holidays; we will hold classes on teacher work days.  Dates will be posted in upcoming newsletters and calendar of events on our web site. Classes will be held from August through May at numerous locations see “class schedule.” Summer Camp is available during the months of June and July.  Registration is continuous throughout the season. Tuition is $55 per month and a onetime registration fee of $55 is due when you sign up. Included with the registration fee your daughter will receive her very own baton and pom poms. To secure your child’s position in class, simply complete the registration on this website or you may E-mail misswendy@floridasuperstars.com, or call us at (954) 438-2075 with the information. Tuition is due when your daughter takes her first class. We do not accept checks, only cash, credit or debit cards. A variety of equipment, props and pom poms will be available to your daughter at no extra charge. Sibling discount is: 2nd child is $45 per month tuition and registration fee is $45.00. Enjoy the advantage of taking as many classes a week as you wish.  Simple keep your current monthly tuition receipt in your wallet and show it to the teacher of any class at any time in any facility to take extra classes.  Tuition is due the first lesson of each month.  No classes are held on National Holidays.  The organization does not pro rate monthly tuition due to these holidays or classes you have missed.   I hope that you enjoy this mother/daughter organization. Welcome to the family! Wendy Russell Director