What do you teach in beginner classes?

All classes will be taught a combination of Baton Twirling, Hip Hop / Dance and Cheerleading

How do I register?

To secure your child’s position in class, you may fill out the application on line or call (954) 438-2075. Please see “class schedule” for details. Tuition is due when your daughter takes her first class. We do not accept checks, only cash, credit or debit cards. Otherwise enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis the first day of class. If the class is full, others will be placed on a waiting list and called when a spot is available.

Where do you hold classes?

See class schedule on the menu to your left for details on times and facility locations.

How are classes divided?

As a beginner classes are divided according to age. After you complete your first year, classes are divided by both age and ability. Therefore, we challenge those who pick up quickly but don’t frustrate those who learn at a normal pace.

How much does classes cost?

Classes cost $55 per month payable the first lesson of each month. Registration fee is $55, these fee’s include a baton and pomp om that your daughter will receive during the 1st few weeks of class. We do not accept checks, only credit cards or cash.

Will she perform her first year?

Yes, however all performances are voluntary; your participation is according to your schedule.

Will she need a costume?

If you just want an after school program and do not wish to perform your answer is no. However, if you wish to perform your answer is yes. Our girls all look marvelous when they take center stage. Only one costume will be necessary for the dozen or so shows that will be offered. Costume packages include: jazz Shoes, team practice shirt, hairpiece and costume. New costume packages cost will be announced on October 1st. Therefore, you have a little time to get a feel for the class and know that you wish to continue. The team will offer a costume fundraiser in Sept. Last year’s package was $130 and this year will be in the same ballpark figure.

How much do performances cost?

Parades and exhibitions are no charge as well as the additional rehearsals it takes to prepare for them. Half time performances do require a purchase of a ticket that we receive a discounted price. The March competition cost $25 and the Disney World performance will have discounted theme park admission and hotel fees. Each performance is different, details will be in the monthly newsletter.

 Do you pro rate for missed classes?

No, we do not prorate for missed classes or national holidays (No class). You may make up your class at any of the facilities listed on the schedule. You may also take an extra class at no charge on a regular basis or simply to prepare for an upcoming show.

What do I wear to class?

Any type of aerobic wear, shorts, sneakers and hair pulled back.

What experience does my teacher have?

All Super Star teachers have grown up in the program and have 10 or more years of performing and at least 5 years of student teaching. Our motto is “We don’t hire them, we have to grow them”.